About me (CV Style)


National Technical University of Ukraine ‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’, Kyiv, Ukraine
Bachelor’s degree, Computer Science

Projects & Activities

Magic Mirror Smart mirror, that helps you get dressed in the morning and displays metric data (i.e. time, weather, plans)

  • Clothes dress code recognition using deep learning; TensorFlow
  • Designed application back-end to run on Raspberry PI; Python, Flask Framework, SQLite, Electron
  • Designed hardware infrastructure;

Edumacator Simple LMS system for school

  • Designed back-end system to store students data; PHP, MySQL
  • Designed application authentication/security flow and data encryption; PHP
  • Implemented AJAX communication between server and client; PHP and JS
  • User interface design; HTML/CSS, Twitter bootstrap
  • Created CKEditor plugin for mathematical input; JS, HTML5, CSS, LaTeX

Ludumdare Participated in 48-hour game development hackathon (game jam) 7 times in a row. Helped fix competitions site bugs on their Github repository

Projects for Ross Scott Utilities to help YouTuber produce videos

  • Screen magnification utility that scales game capture using nearest neighbor scaling, for better image quality in older games; Java
  • Created a fast motion blur script for video encoding; Avisynth

Series of educational games Created HTML5 games for Ukrainians small academy of science to help students learn physics

Technical Skills

  • Tech skills: Algorithms, Database Design, Coding, Linux guru, SCRUM, Version Control systems, Troubleshooting, Tools development, Fast learner
  • Programing languages: Python (Advanced), HTML5/CSS/JS (Advanced), Node.JS (Beginner), AngularJS (Intermediate), SQL Databases (Intermediate), C/C++ (Intermediate), PHP (Intermediate), MongoDB (Beginner)

Work Experience

Kyiv Tutors Association Kyiv, Ukraine
November 2015 - Present
Web developer

  • Designed and created Wordpress template for the website; PHP
  • Created Wordpress plugins for Tutor management; PHP, MySQL
  • Designed logo; Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Additional Skills

Languages: English (Full professional proficiency), Ukrainian (Native or bilingual proficiency), Russian (Native or bilingual proficiency)
Achievements: 1st place on Kyiv schools ACM olympiad (2015, 2013)
Personal Interests: Photography, Video/Film production, Writing blog about technology and lifestyles, Mess around with electronics, Teaching, Helping people and trying to make everyones life easier